Controlador Solar MPPT 40A 12/24V, Maximo Voltaje de Circuito Abierto Voc 100Vcd


Serie Xtra-N
– Controlador con Tecnologia Avanzada MPPT, tierra negativo común
– Diseño a prueba de polvo e impermeable con clase IP32
– Amplio rango de voltaje de operación MPP
– Múltiples modos de trabajo de carga
– Con la interfaz del bus de comunicación RS-485
– Amplia protección electrónica



• Optional LCD display units (XDB1/XDS1/XDS2)
• Full-load operation without any drop in capacity
within the range of working environment
• Dustproof and waterproof design with IP32★class
International famous brands of ST and IR’s
components of high quality and low failure rate are
used, which can ensure the product’s service life
• The communication port adopts professional
protection chip, which can provide 5VDC power
supply, and has over-current and short-circuit
• Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no
less than 99.5%
• Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the
maximum power point loss rate and loss time
• High quality components, perfecting system
performance, with maximum conversion efficiency
of 98%
Product Features
• Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking
• Accurate recognition and tracking of multiple-peaks
maximum power point
• Automatic limitation of the charging power and current
• Wide MPP operating voltage range
• Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
• Battery temperature compensation function
• Real-time energy statistics function
• Overheating power reduction function
• Multiple load work modes
• With RS-485 communication bus interface and
Modbus communication protocol, it is available to
meet various communication requirements in
different situations.
• Monitor and set the parameters via mobile phone
APP or PC software
• Extensive electronic protection


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